Interior visuals expressing current design.

Arcvhiz is the art that helps design(ers)s, architects communicate with clients and the community in the language of the project.


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How much does it cost for a full 3D project +

As most things in life, there is no clear cut answer, though I will do my best. 

Price may vary due to size, complexity, deadline, interior and or exterior.

Interior renders are the easy part. Usually this will cost anywhere between €200 and €270 per visual.   

This contains, a complete unique design, various purchases if the design requires it, several internal reworks to bring you the best design for your needs.

Do you want a complete floor, showing every nook and cranny. contact me and I'm sure we can work something out.

Exterior renders: This is the hard part, we have buildings in different sizes, different shapes, tall, wide, you name it, in this instance I will need full plans and a basic description. So contact me and I will be happy to assist.

How long does a project take, start till finish. +

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Why is this website in English? +

Digital professions bring out global clients and since I work in several countries this seemed like the way to go.

Geen paniek, de voertaal in België blijft Nederlands.